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Professional Work
Professional Work


Most Recent Work Experience

Research  Assistant

May 2022 - Present

Skills: Modeling and Simulation · Robot Operating System (ROS) · Mobile Robotics · Robot Control · Visual Perception · Field Mapping · Hardware Support · 3D Prototyping · Python (Programming Language).

This project revolves around coordinated multi-robot terrain estimation and exploration using wheeled robots/rovers that are coupled together serially via a tether. For more details, please click on this link. Here I

  • Implemented controls, visual perception and field mapping tasks by integrating NVIDIA Jetson Nano, depth cameras/sensors and other hardware components with ROS.

  • Prototyped various ground rover designs (using Solidworks) & performed simulations using ROS, Gazebo and Python.

I assist in the analysis of remotely sensed data/images which are used to support planetary science research and NASA mission operations (Psyche Mission - I also provide assistance with Systems Engineering tasks.


Research  Analyst

March 2022 - Present

Skills: UiPath · Data Analysis · Shell Scripting · Gitlab · SQL · Microsoft Power BI · Microsoft Office · Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Robotic Hardware Engineering Intern

May 2022 - July 2022


  • Exocam (

  • Autonomous Underwater Drone Project.

  • Autonomous Boat Project.

Skills: Hardware Development · Drone Mapping · PX4 Autopilot · Robot Operating System (ROS) · Visual Perception · Field Mapping · 3D Prototyping · C++ · Microsoft Office · SOLIDWORKS.

  • Prototyped various autonomous boats, underwater & aerial drone designs (using Solidworks) and performed simulations using ROS, Gazebo with C++.

  • Executed perception & mapping tasks and substantiated hardware prototypes by integrating PX4, OptiTrack motion capture systems and many other hardware components with ROS.

Graduate Researcher |
Robotics & Electro-Mechanical Engineer

September 2021 - May 2022

Skills: Modeling and Simulation · Control System Development · Hardware Architecture · 3D Prototyping · Soft Robotics · ANSYS · SOLIDWORKS.

  • Developed bio-inspired n-degree of freedom (DOF) soft robot design & conceptualize its control systems and hardware implementation. (Project : Soft Robotics)

  • Designed and simulated catheter prototypes using SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS Workbench software and later 3D printing it for experimentations. Also implemented DC motors, actuators, Arduino chips and other electrical components. (Project : Magnetic micro-robots for medical applications)

  • Evaluated prototypes by modelling experimental setup, manufacturing prototypes, and conducting test.

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Skills: Vehicle Engineering · AutoCAD.

Managed an electric train and facilitated its control systems, electrical circuits, and other components. Developed hardware designs (using AutoCAD) & manufactured components using Mechanical drawings. Executed basic maintenance procedures.

Academic Work
Academic Work


Most Recent Work

  • Mechanical Subteam Lead at Sun Devil Robotics Club.

  • Individual Project : Multi Rover System for Mars Exploration (Course - Multi Robot Systems).

  • Team Project : National Science Foundation - CPS Challenge (Course - Autonomous Exploration Systems)

Mechanical Subteam Lead

September 2021 - Present

Skills: Solidworks · ANSYS · General mechanical design fundamentals · Prototyping/manufacturing mechanisms ·  Vehicle Engineering · SAR writeups · Organization & Leadership skills .

  • Lead the design and implementation of all mechanical-focused aspects of the ground rover.

  • Offered feedback and training to 15-20 freshman students regarding key mechanical engineering concepts and designing.

  • Aided with additional mechanical focused tasks like SAR write-ups, presentations, leading meetings, etc.

  • Worked with other subteams to integrate our work with their designs and standards

Individual Project : Multi-Rover System for Mars Exploration

Course : Multi-Robot Systems

October 2021 - December 2021

The goal of this project was to create a system that would enable highly-productive, semi-autonomous coordination between multiple robots for Mars exploration.

  • I documented mathematical models and prepared simulations for four-wheel and six-wheel rovers’ motion over different terrain situations using MATLAB.

  • Demonstrated leader follower formation control with obstacle avoidance using Robotarium libraries in MATLAB.

  • Re-illustrated all above-mentioned properties on WEBOT software using C++  for controller code.               

Team Project : National Science Foundation - CPS Challenge

Course : Autonomous Exploration Systems

Related to DREAMS Lab Project :
Exocam (

January 2022 - July 2022

The project aims at competing in the NFS-2022 challenge hosted by Cyber Physical Systems, which is themed around a NASA TestFlight’s project, Lunar Exocam. The objective is to simulate and develop a multirotor drone which would be used to throw a sensor probe outside a perimeter so that it could be imaged as it landed.

Team Project : Pick and Place operation using UR5 Industrial robotic arm (MATLAB and V-REP Simulation)

Course : Modelling & Controls of Robot

November 2021 - December 2021

Designed the UR5 Industrial Robotic arm (6 DOF) using SOLIDWORKS and used MATLAB to simulate pick and place containers on different conveyor belts. (For better demonstration in an industrial environment, I tried it out with WEBOT simulator.)

Won All India Rank - 1:
Formula-2 Electric Racing Competition


  • Won All India Rank- 1 in F3 racing competition and best Innovation award from HRD Ministry, India.

  • Roles included leader of both the Design and Innovation subteams, leading team of 7-9 sophomore and junior students.

  • Used CATIA V5, ANSYS for designing and simulation. Innovation was made using Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Skills Highlights
Skills & Languages


Robot Controls & PLC Programming

Hardware Development & Support

          Python & C++


Field Mapping & Visual Perception

          Modelling & Simulation


Robot Operating System (Linux OS)

          Data Analysis



Awards & Leadership Experience



Space Exploration


Soccer & Cricket


Power Yoga





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I am an enthusiastic Mechanical Engineer with professional experience in designing, simulation, and execution of hands-on hardware development skills. I completed my Master's degree in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at Arizona State University, Tempe, specializing in Controls and Mechanical Engineering. I achieved a final GPA of 3.83 out of 4.


I have 2 years of professional experience in designing and development of numerous robotic systems, including autonomous vehicles and automated assembly systems. I like working on cross-functional projects that include controls, robotic hardware, perception, systems engineering, and other related areas.

I'd love to hear from you.

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